Regarding the pig farming at Ajax

Over 30 years of experience in industrial pig farming

3 proprietary pig complexes in Bulgaria

Ajax Group has 3 industrial pig complexes in the country, with a total capacity of 13,000 sow units. Two of them are located in Southern Bulgaria, and one in Northern Bulgaria.

With a total capacity of 13,000 sow units, we are at the forefront of fattened pig production.

The group possesses a total capacity of 13,000 sow units distributed across our three pig complexes: Kozloduytsi Pig Complex: 7,400 sow units; Pustren Pig Complex: 3,800 sow units; Bozduganovo Pig Complex: 1,800 sow units. Each of the pig farms features an internal breeding center and a reproductive laboratory.

Every farm undergoes a complete production cycle. The genetic material we work with comes from the Danish hybrid breed, which is highly suitable for the Bulgarian culinary preferences due to its low fat content and excellent taste qualities.