Ajax Group - a producer with 2 feed mills

“Trakiiski furazh” Ltd. is part of the Ajax Group, which owns two feed mills with a total capacity of 50 tons per hour and a silo facility for storing 35,000 tons of grain.

The first plant is located on the premises of the Pustren agrocomplex. It is equipped with a modern laboratory for incoming and outgoing control of raw materials and feeds, allowing for the tracking of all parameters of the finished feed. The plant’s capacity is 25 tons per hour and it is equipped with a silo facility for 13,500 tons of grain.

The second plant is situated within the Kozloduytsi swine complex. It is equipped with a quality control laboratory, a biocompound line, and a high-tech production line for grain extrusion. The plant’s capacity is 30 tons per hour. A silo facility with a volume of 21,500 tons is also available.